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Suzi Q's Scrubs for Men's and Women's Scrubs in Cookeville.  The best selection at the best prices guaranteed.  Brands like Cherokee, WonderWink, Med Couture, and many more.  First Responder Uniforms, Badges and Tactical Gear.

As a medical professional, you know the importance of wearing high-quality scrubs that fit well and are comfortable to wear. At our scrub store, we have a wide range of nursing scrubs in a variety of colors and sizes, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs.


Whether you are looking for scrubs for men or women, we have the best selection of top-quality scrubs at our store. We only carry scrubs from the most reputable brands in the industry, ensuring that our customers always get high-quality products at an affordable price.


Not only do we have a great selection of nursing scrubs, but we also have a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the perfect pair of scrubs for your needs. We'll help you find scrubs that are comfortable to wear, fit well, and meet all your requirements.


In addition to nursing scrubs, we also carry a range of medical equipment and accessories. From stethoscopes to compression socks, we have everything you need to perform your job at the highest level.


So why wait? Visit our scrub store near you today and experience our unmatched selection of nursing scrubs and medical equipment. We're confident that you'll find exactly what you need to excel in your career as a medical professional.